Guide to Sustainable Fashion

Your 2021 Guide to Sustainable Fashion!

Let's start by addressing the elephant in the room > Vintage Clothing is not just "Old Used Clothes" (even though it sort of is!)

For the past 1.5 years now, I have been working immensely in the vintage world and although 1.5 years may not seem long, its been one hell of a journey, so I thought I would write this blog to share my opinion on these special garments.

Unfortunately, many people just see the clothing as nothing more than someone's old clothes. What I see is the character, the specialness, the story it tells.

I could sit here all day and list reasons why, however here are two of my mains:

1. The Uniqueness

Ever purchased an item you loved SO MUCH, only to see the next 10 people you walk past wear the same thing. Yep, We've all been there. However with vintage, its very rare that you'll ever see the same person wearing the special piece you just purchased. Don't be the victim of 'Who wore it best'!

2. You are supporting the environment

By shopping vintage, you are essentially supporting the recycling of older garments and bringing them back to life rather than contributing to the the biggest problem in the fashion world. FASHION WASTE!

Did you know consumers throw away approximately 60% on their clothes in the first year. WTF!

The Ellen Macarthur Foundation reports that if consumers keep up with this, by the year 2050, over 150 million tonnes of clothing waste will clog landfills. Crazy right?!

My fashion store started out as ravewear however COVID-19 took its dur course and here we are. I had to think fast and it wasn't hard. All I had to do is take a look in my own personal closet and the idea pretty much jumped out at me.

So you can see why I flipped the switch (so to speak) and turned changed the future of Black Vixen to an online vintage fashion store.

How to support sustainable fashion?

Its obvious. Don't throw your old clothes out.

If you're a bit of a creative like myself, spend your Sunday turning your old threads into something new! 

If you're not the creative sort (which is totally fine), there is always someone who will benefit from your pre-loved items!